Friday, August 26, 2011

SELLING on eBay..........

One of my favorite parts of being an eBay store owner is when a buyer takes the time to write me to tell me how pleased they are with their purchase.  That was what got me hooked on eBay after my very first sale.  Great feedback is always appreciated and when it is accompanied by a personal email it is even more special.  I received this email from a buyer who is also a seller who recently who purchased a beautiful Italian leather shoulder bag from Caramia's Collection, it made my day!

"It arrived today, and it is FABULOUS! Everything I had hoped for! I have to laugh ... you are the ONLY seller who wraps like I do! I couldn't believe how creative and inventive you were in sending the handbag! The orange tissue paper did not go unnoticed, either!

The bag is great, the shipping could not have been any faster, and it's been wonderful doing business with you!

Big cheers from Connecticut!"

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