Sunday, January 9, 2011

'60's Mad Men Art on EBay

I have become mesmerized by the art hanging in the homes and office sets of the AMC series Mad Men.  I am a huge fan of anything '60's and recently rediscovered my own childhood while browsing '60's era art on eBay.  I came across a piece I just had to have as an identical piece hung in my home as a child!  I did an eBay "buy it now" and my childhood is being revisited in my home now.  The art I have rediscovered is called Gravel Art.  These were kits in the '60's that people bought, similar to paint by number.  They were artsy, do-it-yourself projects.  I remember my mother doing one just like the piece I recently found on eBay.  The photo on the top is the original piece hanging in my Brooklyn, NY home.  The photo on the bottom is the piece I bought on eBay.  Enjoy!!

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