Friday, March 18, 2011

Are you a Facebook Fan?

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Caramia's Collection has a fan page and would like you to join us! Just "like" the page and leave a comment and please share a link to your page so we can like your page too! We are more than happy to return the favor. 

Facebook has opened up new opportunities allowing us to network and share GREAT content with our fans.
We greatly appreciate everyone that has already joined and we look forward to viewing your page and seeing what you have to offer online! 

What is a fan page? I remember when they were first introduced on Facebook, when they were called "Fan Pages" now, facebook calls them just "Pages" but we still consider it a fan page. Our fan page is a network of eBay friends, our family as well as our customers all united in one area at the Cara Mia's collection Facebook page.

If you've not liked us please do so today and share the page with your network AND don't forget to leave a comment HERE with a link to share your facebook page PLUS leave a comment on our page so our fans can see your page too! 

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