Monday, March 14, 2011


So, tonight is the season finale of The Bachelor.  How many of us watch it and hate to admit it?  I find it a sad commentary on relationships, yet I am drawn to it each season.  This season, with the return of former bachelor Brad Womack, has really gotten to me.  This guy was awful the first time around and we are supposed to believe that he is a "changed" man and "ready for love".  Well, if that is true and it is not just fame and recognition he's after, why not look for a local girl!  He has mad it quite clear that he is not going to move for anyone.  There were several women he seemed really interested in who had established careers in their home towns, so off they were tossed -- no roses.  I don't believe he will marry his choice, that's if he makes one this time.  I also think maybe there would be more success stories on The Bachelor/Bachelorette if the producers picked geographically desirable candidates.  What do you think?

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