Friday, November 18, 2011

REGIS PHILBIN Gets Key to New York City

I've spent a good portion of my adult life watching and not watching Regis Philbin on morning television.  Usually, I keep the TV on as background noise.  I've always found him to be entertaining, his co-hosts, not so much.  My feeling has been when his co-hosts get real comfortable, they seem to get a little full of themselves, whereas Regis, in my eyes has always remained a humble man, kind of wondering himself how he got to be "Reege" and so beloved.  So, today, I tuned in to watch his send off and was drawn in.  Regis is an averge New Yorker who shot for the stars and made it!  Good for him!!  Today, he looked truly honored when New York's Mayor Bloomberg presented him with the key to the city.  I think mornings will be a little less fun without "Reege" and as one who has followed his career, I wish him the best in whatever he does.  As for watching the show, post Regis, I don't think so.  How about you?

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