Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where is BeeBop? -- Update

As of today, November 9th, BeeBop is still missing.  This is information posted by his owners -- they are not giving up hope and there is still a reward for his return.  Brooklyn Heights residents, please keep your eyes open for this beloved pet:

Team BeeBop is still on the prowl and on the hunt for BeeBop. Despite our obtacles, we will never give up. We view today's disappointment as a blessing because it confirms what we've thought all along and what the seers say...BeeBop is most likely being cared for by somebody else very close to where he went missing. We will stay strong despite this and feel comfort that he is being fed and kept... warm. We will just keep reposting on-line and reposting outside until we reach our next level.....thank you Jack! Team BeeBop could probably use a really good stiff drink tonight but instead we will try to go bed very early....Goodnight everybody and thanks for your kind comments and continued prayers. As PP says, Paws to the Sky.

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