Thursday, March 29, 2012

Does Life Need Drama to Sell?

I made no secret of my heartbreak when I learned that of one of my childhood heartthrobs, Davy Jones, passed away a month ago today.
What has taken me by surprise is that there has been so little coverage in the media.  Davy and The Monkees made a huge contribution to music in the '60's and they all managed to stay friends and continue to keep their music alive all these years later.  We didn't hear of "dirt" in Davy's private life, no drug or alcohol abuse -- basically no major drama.  So, is that why fans like me have really been so disappointed that Davy's untimely and natural passing made only one magazine cover?  I think so and it is a huge commentary on the state of our society and what sells magazines and air time.
I for one am so thankful for having grown up in the innocence of the '60's where the passing of someone so special to so many would have been monumental news.
Davy genuinely loved what he did, loved music, loved his fans, loved his family and adored animals -- why no recognition for his wonderful life?
Again, rest in peace Davy Jones, you will never be forgotten.


Unknown said...
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Zofia said...

That's just it. Drama sells. Seems you have to be a junkie, a criminal, abusive, and or a sex offender in order to matter to the media nowadays. Davy was a great man and made so many contributions to the world in his lifetime. He deserve so much more media attention than what he received. But, he will live forever in our hearts. He was and remains a big part of our childhood and we will cherish that forever. RIP Davy.

Caramia's Collection said...

Well said Zofia and thank you for taking the time to comment.