Friday, April 27, 2012

Enterprise Makes Historic Fly By!

As an eBay seller, part of my day usually means at least one trip to the post office.  Today's trip turned out to be an amazing treat.  As I left the post office, I noticed people lining the streets of my neighborhood which is not too far from JFK Airport.  I stopped and asked a man if everyone was waiting to see the Enterprise.  He told me not only that they were, but that he'd just seen it do a fly by and it was on its way back before finally heading to JFK.  He encouraged me to stand around, that it would be any minute.  And, it was just a few minutes later, in the windy cool day we were having, that I got to see something that was a chance of a lifetime -- the Enterprise, riding "piggyback" on a 747 jet, flying low, almost like it was saying "hello" to the state it was now going to call home.  It was truly breathtaking.

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