Friday, April 20, 2012

Group Poem by Emily Dolenz

I've come across a wonderful photographer while browsing the internet, Emily Dolenz.  Emily posted a few lines of a poem and asked her followers to add a line and that she would complete the poem and post it on Facebook.  It is truly lovely and wanted to share it.

Candy Cotton Summer

Sugar cotton candy lands that melt in the salty sky,
Butterflies that whisper honey sweet lullabies,
Candy canes and sugar canes fall from the willow trees,
Reminds me of childhood dreams and your loving whisper,

Oceans like a milk shake topped with delicate whipped cream,
Bees that buzz of sweetness hidden in treasure troves,
Golden birds whose wings are woven from petals of daffodils,
Kisses on the beach near playland in rye,

Candy apple dreams linger in my mind like summers sweetest kiss
Bluebirds, cardinals, and robins whistle replies so sweet,
Lightly float like butterfly wings held aloft by the delicate breeze,
Flowers dancing in the warm wind and smell of sugary treats to those whose nectar eat,

Sandy beige beaches, smooth as buttercream icing,
The sun upon my cheeks, like the kiss of an angel,
Lying in the grass, gazing at the clouds dancing in the sky,
Creamy licks of ice cream treats, listening as the whispy wind sighs,

Playful giggles of children nearby, remind me of innocence lost in time,
Wispy tops of dandelions, surf the warm soft breeze,
As the birds sing beautiful melodies,
Rich golden buttercups nestled in sunshine caress the very air,
Accept who I am now.

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