Monday, May 7, 2012

The Missing Belleek

Selling online has its ups and downs and thankfully more ups than downs.
At Caramia's Collection, I recently had a lovely piece of Belleek listed wondering if it was going to find a new home and it did on April 3rd, it was going to California!
The mystery began the day after it was dropped at my local post office for shipment -- the package was scanned and then virtually disappeared.
Despite numerous calls to the USPS customer service number and conversations with my local postal reps, this lovely piece could not be located and yet it did have a tracking number and that number just seemed to stop with no reason or explanation available.
In my mind, I figured this package was surely missing but my buyer wanted it and was willing to wait it out.  I called and bothered the postal employees on a daily basis and never got a definitive answer.
And then, on May 2nd, the package reappeared and was safely delivered.  Who knows where it stopped on the way, why the package "went missing", why it is so hard to get a straight answer -- what I do know is that I have a happy buyer and that's what Caramia's Collection is all about!

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