Friday, October 14, 2011


The sad story continues, here is the latest update, a re-post on the search for Jack the Cat:

"I couldn't have said this better myself, so I won't even try... re-posted from the lovely ANGELA:

Please find time to come this Saturday and Next Saturday.. There are only a couple of us girls out at JFK. We are exausted! We are overwhelmed.. we need help! We dont mind going on possible sightings and searching weeds.. we wont ask you to do what we are doing.. we need HELP badly in getting the wo...
rd out at JFK!!

JFK has 37,000 people working there.. we cannot do it alone.. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR HELP! See u tomorrow!

730a until the afternoon... meet outside VetPort at JFK. Questions???? Call Bonnie at 917-626-1374. And, as always, we can't begin to thank you enough for your effort, your caring, everything you all have done to help find JACK over the course of the last 50 days!!!!"


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