Friday, December 16, 2011

Where Is BeeBop?

Well, thanks to power of the internet, Jack the Cat was eventually found.  Sadly, Jack passed away but as a result, more awareness has come to other missing pets.  BeeBop is a cat who is still missing.  Here is a summary of BeeBop's story:

"$500 REWARD CASH REWARD. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. BEEBOP HAS BEEN MISSING OVER 5 MONTHS IN BROOKLYN, NY, USA. Please help us find BeeBop. Missing since June 28, 2011 in Brooklyn Heights, vicinity of Columbia Place/Willow Place/State Street, 2-1/2 yr old skittish neutered half-feral/domesticated male. Black body & legs, white belly, white chin with distinctive marking on right side of face. His feet are white and his 2 front paws are different and white-tipped. He got scared of the movers and jumped out through the screen window. He was found 2 days later on July 1, 2011 in the basement of the Heights Players theater around the corner where he was being held for me but was allegedly let out!!! We believe he is still in the area. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! He's very shy, not the type of cat to be walking around sitting on a stoop. He could be hiding under your bed. PLEASE CHECK! I have had him since he was 4 weeks old. PLEASE HELP ME FIND HIM! WILL DO ANYTHING TO HAVE OUR BABY BOY BACK!!! THANK YOU."
This is BeeBop, please help reunite BeeBop with his family:
Map of where BeeBop disappeared:


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