Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where Is BeeBop?

In an effort to keep BeeBop's name in cyberspace, I am reposting the latest post from Team BeeBop's FaceBook page.  Surely someone who knows something will come forward and help bring BeeBop and his family back together.  Let's start the new year off with a happy ending in memory of Jack the Cat who really brought the world a lot closer!

"Team BeeBop feels that as long as our hearts can stand this, we will keep looking for our BeeBop. But now more than ever, is the time that we really need the help! We've got the $1,000 funds and the best brain behind this mission to get the job done. Now we need just a few more pairs of hands and legs. We are still looking for a few more soldiers to come out on Saturday (bring your tape!) and spread the word one more BIG time before Winter comes to Brooklyn. We have come so far and feel that BeeBop is right around the corner within our reach. Please, if anybody else can help out Bonnie Folz on Saturday, please call either me or her at 917-626-1374 or post here or pm me. Please if you can spare an hour or two of your time it will be greatly appreciated. Just think what stories you will have to tell at your NYE parties!!!! BeeBop is still waiting. Thank you everybody for your continued support and prayers. Thank you Jack!"

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