Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The BEATLES Arrive in the USA

On Friday, February 7, 1964, the world of music was changed forever as 5,000 fans, mostly young girls, were crowded onto the upper balcony of New York's JFK Airport arrivals building, waving placards and banners to welcome The Beatles to the United States.  The Beatles gave their first interview on American soil and this is how it went:

Question: Are you a little embarrassed by the lunacy you cause?
John Lennon:  No, it's great.
Paul McCartney:  No.
Ringo Starr:  Marvelous.
George Harrison:  We love it.
John:  We like lunatics.
Question:  You're in favor of lunacy?
The Beatles:  Yeah.
John:  It's healthy.
Question:  Are those English accents?
George:  It's not English.  It's Liverpudlian, you see.
Paul:  The Liverpool accent - so, the way you say some of the words. You know, you say GRASS instead of GRAHHSS, and that sounds a bit American.  So there ya go.
Question:  Liverpool is the...
Ringo:  It's the capital of Ireland.
Paul:  Anyway, we wrote half of your folk songs in Liverpool.
Ringo:  Yeah, don't forget!
Question:  In Detroit Michigan, there handing out car stickers saying, 'Stamp Out The Beatles.'
Paul:  Yeah well... first of all, we're bringing out a 'Stamp Out Detroit' campaign.
Question:  What about the Stamp Out The Beatles campaign?
John:  What about it?
Ringo:  How big are they?
Question:  Would you tell Murray the K to cut that crap out?
The Beatles:  Cut that crap out!
Paul:  Hey, Murray!
Question:  A psychiatrist recently said you're nothing but a bunch of British Elvis Presleys.
John:  He must be blind.
Ringo (shaking like Elvis):  It's not true! It's not true!
Question:  Would you please sing something?
The Beatles:  No!
Ringo:  Sorry.
Question:  There's some doubt that you can sing.
John:  No, we need money first.

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