Tuesday, September 6, 2011


While listening to an online radio show geared to learning more about eBay sales, I was introduced to a charity that I found to be so unique and interesting and want to share it with everyone.  BlingMyBra was started by an eBay seller in 2009 as an eBay Giving Works auction campaign with all proceeds going to this important cause.  The founder realized the power of a group of ordinary people after reading about women getting together to raise money for breast cancer research.  The best part of this charity is that you can participate in so many ways.  BlingMyBra.com collects bras decorated by anyone willing to take part and posts them as low start auctions on eBay as art bras!  What a fun and creative way to help a worthy cause.  And, if you are not interested in or too busy to create an art bra, BlingMyBra accepts donations.  Here are a few examples of "blinged" bras and a link to BlingMyBra.com for more information -- please pass the word!!

Click here to visit BLINGMYBRA.com

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