Tuesday, September 6, 2011


As of Tuesday, September 6th, I am sad to report that Jack is still missing.  I read the updates and apparently there is a search going on at Kennedy airport tonight.  Losing a pet is a horrible pain to endure and I hope that someone finds Jack and reunites him with his owner.  This is a sad story, and again, I have to say shame on the airlines for not having a secure system for people who travel with pets and cannot take them into the cabin with them.  It is not pleasant for the owner or the pet.  I traveled with my pets many years ago and would never do it again.  When I did this, it was way before 9/11 and the security measures that are taken now.  I was able to stay with my pets until they were boarded and it was still a stressful experience.  I can only imagine what the boarding process is like now since security is so much tighter all over the US.  Please, anyone living or working in and around the Kennedy Airport area, take a moment and look around -- maybe someone will get lucky and spot Jack.

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