Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am reposting a post from Jack The Cat's FaceBook page that needs to be seen by all.  Sadly the search effort to find Jack on Saturday did not have the ending that was hoped for but this interesting twist.  Animal cruelty needs to be stopped and stopped now!  Please, if you live in New York or traveling through, anywhere near Kennedy Airport, keep your eyes open -- maybe you will be the one who spots Jack.

From Jack's Page:  "And another interesting bit from Saturday - an abandoned cat was rescued! Two of our volunteers ran across a box that was taped shut in a field... when they poked it, they realized there was something alive... and when they opened it, it was a kitty!! Probably about 9 months old!! One of the volunteers took it home to be vetted and will adopt him or her. Jack saved a life!!"

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