Friday, September 30, 2011

Virtual Online Learning and Me

If you are an online seller or thinking of dabbling in it, I recommend looking into Virtual Online aka VOL.  VOL was started by Danna Crawford who is also known as PowerSellingMom in the eBay world.  Danna started like many of us do, dabbling and trying to earn some extra money and has turned eBay into her career.  She not only sells on eBay, but is a certified eBay instructor and has developed Virtual Online Learning as a place for all online sellers to go to chat, gather and share information.  As an eBay seller, I have learned so much as a member of VOL and also made many internet friends who share the same goal, to make it as our own boss.


Kathy Keefe said...

I couldn't agree more. VOL is takes learning to a whole new level! So glad that we have gotten to know each other and have VOL to thank!

Caramia's Collection said...

Thanks for noticing and commenting Kathy. You are a delight and I thank VOL for our meeting too.